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Weight Loss PillsSlimming Products in India

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Weight Loss Products in India

 Weight Loss is a reduction of total Body Mass. Weight loss groups as Intentional or Unintentional.
Intentional weight loss refers to the loss of total body mass in an effort to improve fitness and health, and/or to change appearance.
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  •       Starch And Fat Blockers
  •       Fat Burners
  •       Weight Loss Pills
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 We do assure our Weight Loss Products in India are suitable for both Men & Women. Start Loosing your weight within 7 days with weight loss pills.

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Weight Loss Products  in India

Drink Min. 4-5 Liter Water in a Day

  • Appetite Suppressant
  • Starch And Fat Blockers
  • Fat Burners
  • Weight Loss Pills
  • Weight Loss Capsules
  • Weight Loss Tablets

Dosage: 2 Capsules each time with span of 4 hours as mentioned below.

  • > 2 Capsules in Morning with Empty Stomach
  • > 2 Capsules at Lunch
  • > 2 Capsules in Evening
  • > 2 Capsules in Night

Pure, Natural and Safe Weight Loss Pills
If You’re Overweight, Slim Down for Better Health. Approximately millions of people go on a diet yet only 5 percent keep their weight lose off. Many are trying to lose their weight continually struggle to find an effective weight loss method.
7 Days is the good solution on this. This is proven way to lose weight and keep it off is by making permanent lifestyle change. 7 Days is natural formula and it is 100%Safe, if you choose to use it for weight loss, the bottom line is that you can able to loose weight immediately. Many prescription diet medicines have side
effects due to harmful chemicals ingredients and may not work for long term weight loss, but 7 Days Works and is mushroom and chatrak base Without Chemical.

· 7 Days is made from the Pure Mushroom Base Chatrak without chemical Residues.
· It is processed with extreme care to maintain its Bio-Activity and keeps its  Active components intact.
· No hunger pains. Satisfy yourself throughout the day.
· 7 Days is rich source of Amino Acids B-complex compound.
· 7 Days contain Rich Fibers.
· 7 Days Contain Rich protein.

· 7 Days is complete food Supplement.
· Avoid rice, spicy food.
· Eat Salad with lime juice.
· Eat tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salad or make vegetable soup.
· Consume less oil and fats.

Direction of dose:

The 5ltr. Water a day must be consumed in a body for better result.

Course A:
· Take 2 Capsules in Morning
· 2 Capsules in Afternoon
· 2 Capsules in Evening
· 2 Capsules in Night

Course B:
· Take 2 Capsules in Morning
· 2 Capsules in Afternoon
· 2 Capsules in Evening
· 2 Capsules in Night
· With Tomatoes, Cucumber or Mixed Salad.

· Water is universal solvent
· Water helps in the absorption and circulation of active ingredients in the body.
· Drinking of high amount of water leads to Quick Result.
· Water and 7 Days activates excretory system in the body which helpful in
immediate loss of fats from body.

· It regulates the weight of the body.
· It Releases stress.
· It Reduces inflammation.
· It Helps to Maintain Immunity level.
· It Purifies Blood.
· It Maintains Healthy Skin, Hair & Scalp.
· It Improves the Memory concentration.