Vasundhara is organic nutrients. Vasundhara content micro & Micro Nutrient. This product is unique combination of amines. This amines extract from Plant growth hormones.

Vasundhara Benefits:

  • Vasundhara helps to improve plant immunity to fight against insecticides & fungus.
  • Vasundhara helps to germinate seeds in adverse condition.
  • It helps to develop plant root system by size & volume.
  • Vasundhara molecules play an important role in balancing plant metabolism.
  • Vasundhara enhance the plant immunity system which helps to deliver require nutrients & minerals to entire plant body.

Significant role:                      

  • It improves the production.
  • Vasundhara improves sugar percentage in fruits.
  • Vasundhara decreases evaporation rate of water from
  • Vasundhara is 100% organic nutrients.
  • Vasundhara helps in import & export path of micro nutrients balance plant respiratory system.
  • Vasundhara develop protective layer on plant root system.

Vasundhara can be used with in other insecticides & Pesticides   .

Vasundhara is organic & natural bio stimulator every crop cycle suggested doses 250 gm per acre.

Vasundhara is useful for grain, fruit , Vegetables.

Application Method:

  • In case of Vegetables & grain crops use vasundhara after 15 days of plantation.
  • In case of Sugarcane use vasundhara after 60days of Plantation.

How to use:

1 Acre area require 200gm of vasundhara .

Take 50 Liter water add 200gm vasundhara powder & mix properly. Keep this mixture for next 48 hours in can at close condition. After 48 hours vasundhara mix can be separate to the soil or  irrigated via water system.