We offer Savrakshak Tablets. It has been always a problem for housewives as well as farmers to keep the stored grains like paddy,rice, wheat, pulse and other cereals insect free.
Certain grain protector available in the market is all of chemical base as a result the residual effect of these protectors remain left with the grain and which can cause hazardous on human health. We are happy to bring the solution in the form of Savrakshak which is chemical free.

Savrakshak contains all ayurvedic ingredients and do not contain any chemicals so the tablets are totally safe. Savrakshak unlike chemical based product which kills the insects and pollutes the grain helps in driving out the insects from the grain.

Savrakshak does not allow the fresh insects come near to the grains. If grains is already infected with insects, then keep the grains in the open air and put one tablet of Savrakshak in the ratio of one table for 25 kg. of grains and leave the thing for 10 – 12 hrs. The insects will run away and grains will be insects free. Savrakshak is very useful as preservative of grains. Keep one tablet of Savrakshak in the ratio of 1 tablet for 25 kg. of grains; it will keep the insects away from the grains for one year.

Savrakshak is bio product and does not contain any hazardous chemical in it hence Savrakshak does not have any residual effect on stored grain.


Dosage of Savrakshak : 1 Tablet for 25 KG grains.

Availability: 15 Tablets in a container.