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  • How is your energy level?
  • Do you feel weakness all the time?
  • Now it’s your chance to make a difference in your health.

Why Protein Supplements ?

We offer best protein supplements in India. It is an ideal additive to milk for making hot and cold chocolate flavor energy booster. Our Protein Supplement Brand NUTRIBOOST is a complete family food. We use the highest grade and most absorbable nutrients known to human. It improves appetite and results in increasing volume of blood. It helps in restoring the balance of body and maintaining good health. It also acts as an appetizer, nutritive, digester, rejuvenative blood purifier, mild laxative, and restorative. It is good in taste with chocolate and Vanilla flavor. Protein Supplement is must for growing children to impart good energy. It also helps in improving Muscular Fire Power. It contains heat and energy generating substances.


The NUTRIBOOST in body helps in synthesis of an Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a compound containing adenine and the sugar ribose and three phosphate groups. It occurs in all cells of the body and is formed by the enzymatic breakdown of ATP. The chemical bonds of the phosphate groups store energy needed by the cell. For muscle contraction, this energy is released when ATP is split into adenosine diphosphate (ADP) or AMP.

Best Protein Supplements in India

Our Protein Supplements has Specialized compounds and Kreb’s Cycle substrates which support the body’s energy systems supporting contractile strength, power, and endurance. It is best nutritional supplements.

INGREDIENT Refined sucrose, Milk protein, Coco powder, Soya protein, Maltodextrin, Salt and Permitted food flavor.


  Each 10 gm contains-

  • Moisture – 0.185 gm,
  • Fat – 0.115 gm
  • Protein – ( N*6.25) 0.115 gm
  • Fiber – Nil
  • Ash – 0.162 gm
  • Carbohydrate – 9.09 gm
  • Energy – 39.2 cal

Start giving your body what it truly needs each day. Give your body the nutrients it’s missing. Order our Protein Supplements today !!


  • Take one teaspoon full ‘NUTRIBOOST powder’ in 1 cup of boiling milk (or milk and water if desire)
  • Stir and serve hot.
  • For Cold drinks: processed as above, then chilled in refrigerator and then serve.