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Noni Juice Dosage Guidelines

noni juice dosage

(Refrigerate after opening – Shake before drinking.)

AMOUNT TO DRINK: For the first 3 to 4 days, drink one teaspoon before breakfast and 1 teaspoon before dinner. Gradually increase this amount until – Week 2-4: Drink 2 oz. in the morning &2 oz. In the afternoon, followed by a glass of water. Preferably on an empty stomach, half hour before food.

Adults: People having age 16 and above comes under this category. It is recommended to take 1 table spoon before breakfast and Dinner.

Child: Under 16 years children should take 1 table spoon before breakfast only. Try this up to 3 days, if no side effect occurs one can continue and also increase amount taken.

Please note :- Noni is not an alternative for medicine it is generally used as a dietary Supplement.

Not Recommended to:

People who suffer from diagnosed illness must not follow this chart. In that case special chart is made for the patient. People suffering from liver and kidney disease should not use Noni juice. This is not Medicine . For any health problem, please take advice from Doctor.