Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner Manufacturers

  • Application For Fruit Crops :

10 to 15 gm. per tree with respect to spacing between trees. It requires 1kg  Muscle soil conditioner per Acre. Apply soil conditioner completely around fruit trees in an area beginning about 1 to 2 feet from the trunk to  1 to 3 feet beyond the ends of branches.

Muscle Soil Conditioner

 Fig: Application of muscle soil conditioner for fruits

  • Application for vegetable crops and other crops:

Mix 1 kg. of soil conditioner with 10 kg. Top and apply by spreading over the whole field manually.

soil conditioner for mlm

 Fig: Application of muscle soil conditioner for vegetables and other crops



1) Crude Protein —————————————— 11.13%

2) Crude Fiber ——————————————– 8.87%

3) Phosphorus ——————————————— 0.22%

4) Nitrogen ———————————————— 1.78%


100% bio degradable organic polymer, floor of grains, plant powder.

Direction of use:

  • Soil conditioner should be applied near the root zone along with top portion of soil.
  • At the time of application loose the soil around the plant and well mixed soil conditioner.
  • Soil Conditioner is applied 10 kg per acre land.