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Multi Purpose Cleaner

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Multi Purpose Cleaner in India?

Biocare Offers Genuine Multi Purpose Cleaner useful for Cloths, Utensils, Floor. This multi purpose cleaner posses unique qualities useful for cleaning purpose but its characteristics ensure safety to Human Organs.



For Cloths Softner 1 Capful = 20mlFor heavily soiled clothes, very hard water or used water; use an additional 10ml.

Usage with water                             Qty

Large machines (45 – 70 liters)                        20 ml Medium Machine(35 – 40 liters)                      15 ml Top loading, Front Loading, Twin Tubs         10 ml Small Machines ( 20 – 30 liters)                       10 ml


Aryl Sulphonate, Organic Base, Wetting Agent, Perfume.

For Dish/ Utensils

For normal cleaning, dilute a few drops of multi purpose cleaner in a bowl of water, soak the scrubber in the solution and clean your dishes to give a new sparkle. For tough oily utensils pour a few drops of multi purpose cleaner on the directly and gently scrub with sponge.

For Floor Cleaning

Our multi purpose cleaner is ideal for any type bathroom tile cleaning and floor cleaning. This advanced formula with its high foaming and cleaning action is incomparable and cleans grime and dirt in household application completely.


Avoid contact with Eyes Keep out of reach of Children  

We do offer All Purpose Cleaner by Your Brand viz. we accept All Purpose Cleaner or multi purpose cleaner private label.