Increase Cow Milk Production


Milk Plus is used widely for increasing milking capability of cattle. It can be treated as Cattle Feed.These are used extensively for the following benefits:


Ingradient:Milk Booster Supplement


Totally herbal, carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Fiber, Calories, tannins, Phosphorus,


Calcium, Glucose, Sucrose, Glycosides.




1) Increase in Milk up to 15 – 20 %


2) Increase Diseases resistance power of cattle’s.


3) Shows good result in Health impact.


These are taken with the following dose after several trials on milking cattle:


Cow – 25 gms in a day, in evening for consecutive 10 days in a month.


Mother Nature has endowed India with the largest number of milk cattle. However milk


production per head is abysmally merged. It is true that the milk production is limited by


genetics. But it can be increase considerably with effective management of nutrition and




Milk Booster Supplement


BIOCARE, a company working in the field of traditional remedies and medicinal plants had developed e HERBAL CATTLE MILK BOOSTER


TONIC which increases the yield and quality of milk. It also enhance healthiness of


animals from within. There are no side effect. It was observed that wonderful results can be


seen within just a week.


Milk more plus is 100% herbal, cattle milk booster cum tonic. The ingredient like


calcium, Proteins, Fiber, Calories, tannins, Phosphorus, Calcium, Glucose, Sucrose,


Glycosides, health enhancer and basic element are naturally taken from or extracted from natural herbs.




1) Protein 21.32%


2) Moisture 6.92%


3) Fat 2.33%


4) Fibre 3.01%


5) Potassium 37 mg / gm


6) Molybdenum +ve present


7) Calories 245/100 gms calories


8) Carbohydrates 37.7%




The following dose is arrived at after several trials on milching cattle:


1) COW: 25 Gms once in a day, preferably in the evening for consecutive 10 days in




Why Milk Plus ? :-


  • Induces timely heat induction, digestion is improved.
  • No need of extra calcium doses.
  • No small diseases like fever, body ache, etc. menstruation cycle is regulated.
  • Generally health is improved.


 Process From Feeding to Milking Cattle:


The herbal cattle milk booster cum tonic dose is to mixed thoroughly along with regular


cattle feed. The feed time should be preferably in evening for better result.


The dose is for 10 consecutive days in month.




  1. The dairying cows yield more quantity milk.
  2. The general health of cow and buffaloes is improved.
  3. The regular cattle cycle of milking time, calving or any other system of cow and
    buffaloes are not affected in any ways. There are no side effects.
  4. The product is most economical and cheap.