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We are leading protein powder supplier in India. We supply to MLM and traditional marketing companies. Our proprietary protein formula is useful for Adults. We do have chocolate flavour for kids. Our Protein Powder is one of the best mlm products.

We deal in bulk supply of Quality, affordable, result oriented protein powder. Our Herbal Bodybuilding Supplements is very effective. It avoids any side effects. Our protein powder is useful as weight gain powder for kids. We offer protein powder in packing of 250gm, 500gm. We can supply in customised packing volume too.

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Protein Powder in 250 gm

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protein powder private label

We offer Bodybuilding Supplements in powder form. You can consumed it with milk. You can either make hot or cold Chocolate drinks.
This Bodybuilding supplements is for Young Adults and growing Children. It imparts energy in day to day activities. It even help them improving the muscular power. This has a great taste and can be consumed by complete family.

Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla

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We offer protein powder which is a natural and lean protein. It has added benefits of essential amino acids. We all know protein is known to be the building blocks of human body. These are considered highly essential for several cells growth. Our range of Bodybuilding supplements is considered good for regular intake.

Flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla

We do accept

protein powder private label

We provide you with the opportunity to develop your own brand.

Bodybuilding Supplements with your BRAND, DESIGN, LOGO, the COLOURS you like and much more !!

We are experienced manufacturer of Protein Powder. We supply to various MLM, Network and Traditional Marketing Companies in India.

We will also assist you in developing your formulas as a successful product. We take care of Procurement, Manufacturing, Licensing and Labours.

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