We offer Terminator. For effective control of sucking pests like mealy bug,leaf miner, aphides and other sucking pest. It is an innovative product based on antifeedant concept. It controls suck pests by starvation. It activates plant’s protection systems due to its special characteristics, plants form protective shield against sucking pests, pests can not feed on plant and die. Check our MLM Products.

Benefits of Terminator:

  • Is non toxic and eco friendly and works on antifeedant concept and does not cause any harm to human and animals.
  • Terminator is not harmful for friendly insects like Beetles.
  • Even on repetitive use of Terminator, no resistance against Terminator is developed in the pest.
  • No residues or traces of Terminator are left on fruits, flowers and leaves.
  • Terminator has no side effects on plants.
  • Terminator is useful as preventive as well as curative measure.

 Curative Dose: 1 ml. to 2 ml. Terminator in 1 liter of water to be sprayed for 3 consecutive days. If required fourth spray after 8 to 10 days interval

Preventive Dose: 1 ml. Terminator in 1 liter of water to be sprayed at 8 to 10 days interval.

Packing Available : 50 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 ltr, 5 ltr.